Toyota Supra at SEMA 2019

Toyota Supra Revealed at SEMA 2019

‘Sup’ It Up

Toyota Supras dominated the 2019 SEMA Show with the reveal of Toyota’s souped up GR Supra Performance Line concept at the show. After 20 years, the new 3000GT made waves with audience members. Ed Laukes, Toyota North America group vice president noted to SEMA editors “we’ve got the largest crowd, I think, that we’ve ever had in the SEMA display, just coming in to see exactly what the Supra is going to look like.”  

Laukes and show goers alike noted how many Supras made their way to the SEMA show as aftermarket enthusiasts are pumped to get behind the wheel of the new and improved Toyota. Companies like AFE brought their 2020 and vintage MK4 modded Supras to the show to get some traction on their new products. 

For build details on AFE’s Supras, check out our video highlighting some of the hottest cars of the show. 

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