Corvette C8 Driving School

Ron Fellows Teaches The New Chevy C8 Platform

Here’s a school no one wants to skip!

The SEMA Show in Las Vega, NV has come and gone, but we’re still dreaming about the Chevy Corvette C8. The newest ‘Vette was released by Chevrolet earlier this year and not many have gotten the chance to get up close and personal with one. Until SEMA. There were plenty of opportunities to see the stock C8 with a 6.2L small-block LT2 V8 which runs around 495 horsepower (hp).  Not to mention the C8.R running a 5.5L naturally-aspirated V8 running around 500 hp. These new ‘Vettes have some serious power so it’s no wonder Chevy backs the Ron Fellows Performance Driving School as the official Corvette driving school.

Chief Instructor and Director Rick Malone from the school gave us some insight into what a driving school offers to ‘Vette owners. “It allows the driver to come out, drive the car they own and we not only teach them about the car, we teach them about car control and balance as well,” he told Lea Anne Powell during an interview at SEMA. The performance driving school made the announcement for the release of their new C8 program at SEMA as well, with details coming in 2020. 

“This eight generation of this car handles like no other car,” said Malone. “It’s an amazing car… So this just made sense to take that next step, and then we’re really proud to be part of GM’s program as well.” With so many people eyeing the C8s at SEMA, students will want extra homework. 

For anyone interested in their program, the Ron Fellows Performance Driving School is part of Spring Mountain Motor Resort and Country Club located in Pahrump, Nevada.  Visit their website at

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