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Your brand is your story.

It’s who and what your company is. It’s where your company started and where it is today. It’s the customers and clients who don’t trust anyone else but you.

And we understand the importance of telling that story. Our mission is to provide strategic branding solutions to the leaders of the automotive performance industry by creating high quality media that is timely and relevant. We believe that real, long lasting connections with customers are built by telling the story of your brand and inspiring customers to action. Let us connect you to those customers with advertising and marketing tools that don’t just have a logo slapped on; they have your company’s brand built in.

Media can be so powerful when used to tell a captivating story instead of being just another advertising tool. We understand that quality of media is very important, but media without a powerful story will only have a temporary effect. Don’t just create another video or flyer. Instead, let us tell the story of your brand.

Our Quick Story

Tuned Media started as a solution to a problem.

Like many companies in the auto performance industry, The Tuning School struggled for a way to showcase their innovative products and services to potential customers in a meaningful and personal way. But advertising is expensive and finding someone who understands how to strengthen a brand is challenging.

As a result, The Tuning School began a small department that focused on providing relevant content to customers. That content translated into customer loyalty, increases in sales and better brand recognition. The results were noted by other companies who also struggled with media production and branding. The need was evident and requests for media creation were pouring in. One thing led to another and Tuned Media was born.

Today, we are proud to work with some of the leading companies in the auto performance industry creating content that is not just visually inspiring and exciting but that moves customers to action through brand storytelling.

Video Production: Tell the most dynamic story of your brand

Print & Graphic Design: Show what your company is all about

Consulting Services: Build strong, lasting brands

Event Video Services: Make an impression at events.

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